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Corporate Catering


Minimum quantity: 6 for each individual line item

Chef’s mix selection platter serving:

  • 6 people (Small) $24
  • 8-10 people (Medium) $40
  • 12-14 people  (Large) $55

1. Freshly baked scones served with home style jam and Chantilly cream $4.00
2. Freshly made pan cakes served with jam, honey and butter $3.50
3. Large muffins in chocolate and blueberry $$4.00
4. Caramel slice (gluten free)$4.00
5. Chocolate brownie (gluten free) $4.00
6. Savoury mini quiche Lorraine $3.50
7. Egg triangle sandwiches two pieces $3.50
8. Best in season fresh fruit platters (vegan and gluten free)$3.50
9. Scrambled egg and bacon mini roll $3.80
10. Scrambled egg and chorizo mini roll $4.00


Price: $28 per person

Minimum quantity:Minimum 10 people

1. Chicken breast schnitzel with almond and Parmesan crust
2. Roast pork loin served with apple sauce (gluten free)
3. Atlantic salmon served with pesto mayonnaise (gluten free)
4. Creamy potato salad (gluten free)
5. Fresh garden salad (vegan gluten free)
6. Pasta salad (vegetarian)

Served with freshly baked bread rolls and butter portions


Price: $29 per person

Minimum quantity:Minimum 10 people

1. Roast chicken pilaf rice topped with cashews and almond (gluten free)
2. Kafta lamb skewers
3. marinated breast chicken skewers (gluten free)
4. tabouli salad  with quinoa (vegan and gluten free)
5. hommos dip (vegan and gluten free)
6. kibbi balls filled with beef mince and pine nuts
7. beef and pine nut samosas
8. Lebanese bread


Minimum quantity : 6 for each individual line item 

Chef’s mix selection platter (sandwiches and wraps) serving:

  • 6 people (Small) $48
  • 8-10 people (Medium) $80
  • 12-14 people  (Large) $112

1. Smoked salmon $8.00
Smoked salmon with cream cheese, capers and red onion
2. Double smoke ham $7.50
Double smoked ham with basil pesto, tomato and tasty cheese
3. Roast chicken $7.50
Roast chicken with egg mayonnaise, celery, sage and lettuce
4. Roast turkey $8.00
Roast turkey with cream cheese , cranberry and cucumber
5. Grilled vegetables $8.00
Best in season grilled vegetables with halloumi cheese
6. Lamb shawarma wrap  with lettuce, tabouli, gherkins and tahini sauce $8.00
7. Falafel wrap with lettuce, tabouli, gherkins and tahini $7.50
8. Kafta wrap  with lettuce, tabouli, gherkins and tahini $8.00


1. Fresh garden  salad with salad mix, tomato, cucumber and capsicum $6.00 (gluten free)
2. Niçoise salad $7.00 (gluten free) with screamed potato, egg, beans, red onion & chicken
3. Pasta salad $7.00(vegetarian) with celery mushroom, corn, red onion and pesto
4. Carrot, orange and sultana salad $6.00(vegan and gluten free)
5. Potato salad $6.00 ( gluten free) steamed potato with bacon and chives
6. Mixed cabbage coleslaw $6.00 (vegetarian and gluten free) red and green cabbage, carrot, onion and egg mayonnaise


All items cold or room temperature

1. Californian rolls (gluten free): filled with seafood extends, cucumber and avocado
2. Mini quiches: quiche Lorraine with bacon onion and cheese
3. Stuffed mushrooms (gluten free): field mushroom filled with onion, ham and cheese
4. Smoked salmon bilinis mini crepe bilini with smoked salmon, cream cheese, capers and red onion
5. King prawn roll
6. Spring vegetable rolls (gluten free): rice paper filled with prawns, cucumber, coriander and sweet chilli sauce
7. Honey ham finger sandwich: honey ham, tomato, tasty cheese and pesto
8 Falafel balls served with tahini (vegan, gluten and lactose free)


Orange, apple, orange and mango 2 litres: $5.50

Cans: $2.80


Coca-Cola lemonade and orange one litre or cans: $4.50

Cans: $2.80


Flavours: vanilla, mango and berry

Individual portions: $3.00 for 250ml

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